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What We Do

We work with children who experience self regulation challenges, including children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and behavioural challenges.

We help children improve sensory integration and regulation, emotional regulation, impulse control, and develop improved social-emotional communication skills.

These skills aid children in better identifying and articulating triggers to their behaviour and in turn exploring problem solving techniques in a supportive, fun, creative way.

At Best Behaved Kids we explore a number of helpful tools like sensory supports, techniques for calming as well as mindfulness and thinking strategies. We help children learn to understand their different internal emotions, their sensory needs and the thinking patterns that cause them to react in particular ways.  

We see great results such as improved impulse control, friendship skills, problem solving, self talk, mindfulness and improved attentiveness. You will truly be amazed as your child begins to practice their new skills learnt at Best Behaved Kids sessions.


Best Behaved Kids offers an effective and carefully planned three-step solution to helping your child overcome their issues: -

  • Consultation. This is where we first meet and discuss your child’s individual circumstances and needs.
  • Observation & Functional Behaviour Assessment. This step enables us observe and understand your child’s situation and your challenges, then assess the exact kind of help and support that may be required. We collate information gathered from direct observations, from parents/carers, teachers and other specialists involved in the care of your child. We then create a unique, personalised Positive Behaviour Support Plan and intervention program that your child and your family can benefit from in a timely way.
  • Program Management.  We will carefully implement and manage each individually prepared program to ensure that your child is making progress and that they gain the best possible outcome from it. Our programs are individually created so that your child AND your family benefit.


  • First Step NEXT -  intervention for preK-Year 2/3 children with challenging and disruptive behaviours...
    FIRST STEP Next is an evidence-based early intervention program for young children who exhibit challenging behaviors such as defiance, conflicts with peers, and disruptive behaviors in the classroom.
    As a multi-component intervention, FIRST STEP Next includes:
    1) one-on-one skill instruction with a behavioral coach,
    2) ongoing feedback and opportunities to practice skills in the classroom, and
    3) a home component, linking skills introduced at school to the home context. 
    Best Behaved Kids facilitates program implementation, and leverages the combined support of the child’s teacher, parents/carers, and peers to accelerate and maintain acquisition of school success skills.

Appointments are usually conducted during the school day. We do offer sessions in the school holidays and in the afternoons during school terms, although appointments are limited.