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Hi, I'm Yolande Willis, the founder of Best Behaved Kids based in Newcastle NSW. I am a dedicated career professional, with a major focus on special education and child behaviour.

My experience in early intervention, school-based intervention, functional behaviour assessments and positive behaviour support spans over 30 years.

I am committed to quality and depth in professional learning and have completed my Diploma and then Bachelor Degree in Education. I went on to post graduate studies in special education and completed a post graduate certificate in Behaviour Intervention, which covered the latest research in:

  • abnormal adolescent and child psychology
  • positive behaviour support including school-wide positive behaviour support (SWPBS)
  •  functional behaviour assessments and behaviour support plans
  • trauma informed positive behaviour support
  • giftedness and twice-exceptionality 

My experience spans all areas of special education in both mainstream, respite and specific purpose school settings from  Pre-K to Year 12. I also work with Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians, Speech and Occupational Therapists as a member the collaborative team approach.

I love to help children experience success by providing them with achievable step by step support and guidance. 

Seeing kids doing well and feeling confident and growing stronger are some of the most meaningful and delightful experiences I have. More than that, seeing kids who are struggling with life and learning and relationships, breaking through some obstacle that has been holding them back, is a joy you just can't beat.

At Best Behaved Kids, we envision the potential difference between the pain and hardship of your child's current reality and the opportunities that come from connecting them to the right training with the right people.

We work as part of your child's team and will collaborate with other professionals and service providers to help ensure a consistent approach.

Best Behaved Kids is based in Newcastle and services surrounding areas including Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Port Stephens and the Hunter regions.

We believe that we can help every child and that every child is worth it. We believe that there is positive growth and untapped potential for every child, not just academically, but socially and emotionally.

We know that as a loving parent or carer you are reading this page and that you want your child to be loved, to be all they can be, to build meaningful relationships and to be confident in life. We can help you do that, and see to it that you get some of your own precious life back as well.

Let Best Behaved Kids help you do exactly that.