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Trauma Informed Practice

Best Behaved Kids is a trauma-informed practice. We understand that a trauma-informed positive behaviour approach is necessary for some of our most challenging children. We are experienced in working closely with children in out-of-home-care and with complex trauma.

These are the children who can cause major disruption in the classroom and in the home. Parents, carers, teachers and schools need extra support and a trauma-informed positive behaviour plan so that these behaviours can be targeted and replaced with more prosocial skills. We devise behaviour plans and help teach replacement behaviours.

We understand that trauma impacts neurological development and attachment so the progress for these children may be slower. Protective factors such as security in relationships, a sense of inner confidence and exploring one's strengths can impact a child positively. 

We use a strengths-based approach when working to devise a Behaviour Plan based on a functional behaviour assessment. 

We see children experience success and an increasing ability to trust, to feel safe and to learn when a trauma-informed approach is implemented by practitioners, schools, families and stakeholders. 

We deliver an evidence-based program designed for children with challenging behaviours who are at risk of school exclusion (suspension or expulsion). 

Please contact us to find out more anout the First Step NEXT program.